28 January, 2010

Lessons in dressons

Tomorrow I am getting up at 6:30 AM because I am batshit crazy. I am voluntarily driving to Atlanta to look at some Claire Pettibone gowns. What? You don't know Claire Pettibone? Well let me share with you some loverly Pettibones.

I don't know, I might hate them, I might find something else in the ONE boutique I am driving 8 hours to see (all together). I just don't know. But honestly, I have been really stressed out lately...so stressed that I drank a beer while doing homework the other night...instead of yoga...I went home and drank a beer. Lord, who am I?

So I know a lot of blogger brides would not picture their dress on their blog in fear of the groom seeing the gown (I am especially crazy about the second one!!). I have shown all of my potential gowns to Ryan. And do you know what he says about every single one? "You are going to look beautiful in anything you wear". There you have it, and then all the stress of the silly notion of a 'perfect dress for a perfect day' disappears because let's be honest something is bound to go wrong, or not my way....but marriage can have those elements too. I am so ready for this wedding to happen. I just want to be married and for us to build a cocoon and for everyone to leave us alone, unless they are a great addition to our Rock Band.

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