08 December, 2009


Ha, I am so clever
It's no secret that I am obsessed with the Holiday season! It used to be because I loved candy and presents...and now its because of the drinks and the dresses (OK and the candy, too).

Here are some of my perennial favorite Christmas things:
Movies: Muppets Christmas Carol, The Year Without a Santa Claus, and Little Women (1994)

Drink: Cheap red wine, of course...oh and ridiculous amounts of coffee

Dress: Anything that sparkles and makes me look awesome, like this Haute Hippie sequined ombre skirt ($365)

Candy Canes and my dad's homemade peanut brittle , yes I am 12

My aluminum Christmas tree (mine is silver though)..oh and my glittery ornaments too

And this year I made my own wreath, it looks really great...you will just have to visit me to see it. Heyo Holidaze!

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