10 December, 2009


I have barely mentioned Glee since it debuted on Fox this Fall...what a shame.

Of course I love the show, no I am in love with the show. It has all of the elements that I thoroughly enjoy, and many that have been such integral parts of my life...such as Musical Theatre and Dance. Of course there are some romantic stories, cute high school dramas, evil cheerleaders, and a fake pregnancy, too...who doesn't love all of those things?! Oh yeah and did I mention the cast has some big Broadway names such as Lea Michele (of Spring Awakening/ Wendla fame), and Matthew Morrison (The Light in the Piazza, Tony nod)...and guests appearances by Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked/ Glinda, Pushing Daisies, duh) and rumored to be Idina Menzel (Rent/Maureen, Wicked/Elphaba)...eeek!!!! And who could forget the hysterical Jane Lynch. If I could marry a show, it would be Glee.

I get so nerdy/giddy when (mainly Rachel, the ingenue) sings a classic showtune...I tend to hate the Kelly Clarkson covers. It's glee club for crying out loud...let's not forget our origins people!

I super adore all of the not so subtlety to the show. Ryan and I were talknig about this last night...how it holds kind of a lot of foreshadowing..yeah duh, just like Musical Theatre. I mean did you really ever see Angel living through the whole 2.5 hours of Rent? Or Eliza Doolittle not falling in love with Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady? Of course you saw these coming, we don't love Musical Theatre because of its intricate three dimensional character spread, we love these because we love music, acting like nerds, dressing up, learning a little history lesson...and mostly, because Muscial Theatre gives us the life giving lesson of love and triumph above all. And Glee not only has an openly gay character (stupidly typical of a glee club), there is a strong black girl with the most rockin down the house voice (think Mary J.), an Asian gal who loves her blue hair and Avril Lavigne style, a pregger cheerleader (aha, the losers win!), and a handicapped kid..talk about diversity in prime time!!

So thank you Glee, for getting the music out there. Even if you do have to package it up as a grittier High School Musical, we nerds appreciate it. just beee yourself.

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