13 December, 2009

First Day of My Life

The rumors are true! Ryan and I got engaged on Friday and it has been a crazy life changing weekend! I have yet to sleep during the night because I am so happy and have so many things to begin to think about, and because in the past 48 hours, I have had endless amounts of champagne!
We are planning for the last weekend in September, 2010 somewhere in the Charlotte region, but no more plans just yet! The ring is gorgeous, the moment was unforgettable, and I am ridiculously happy. Oh and so is Jenny, now that her parents will be married!!!

Here we are after my parents came over and it was really our first official picture as an engaged couple. I can't imagine being happier than this right now and I am desperately trying to capture every moment in memory and with the camera of course. Thank you all for your endless love and support...here's to the year of the weddings!

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