16 December, 2009

Details Details

And Recessionista is back y'all!

I've decided to cut back on spending once again! I realized this weekend with all of the impromptu parties that I have so many clothes (for some of you, including Ryan, this is no shocker considering I take up 4 closets in the house...in my defense, they are tiny closets)...all it takes is a little creativity to make them work and feel new again. Actually to be honest, I am pretty bad about buying something and wearing it once.

Right now I am really feeling flowers...OK I am always feeling flowers...really who doesn't want to look feminine and romantic? So think back to SJP throwing a flower over all of her clothes...and admit, you loved every second. And for about $25 you can really make a statement without pulling out that credit card!

I love love love this color...you can clip this in your hair or on the lapel of your winter coat for a little color boost! Find it here on etsy!

I love this mint colored one as well...these could be worn all year round too, even on a summery white dress at the beach!

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