28 December, 2009

Christmas Recap

Man this was one exhausting Christmas! Ryan and I decided to make both families happy by going back and forth to eachother's parents houses. End the end it really was a good decision. We also decided this year that we would spend the night in our house on Christmas Eve. I really don't want to play that "this year here, next year there" game with our parents...so I am also proud of that decision.

It is crazy to think that we are engaged for only one Christmas...but man was it fun talking about our plans to friends and family. I still can't get over flashing my ring to everyone, I am so proud! More so, I am so proud to be Ryan's wife!

Onto the gifts...I would say my favorite gift from my parents HAS to be The Beatles Rock Band for the Wii.

We played it so much this weekend, I mean I am going to estimate 8 hours of our lives were spent singing and drinking to the Beatles. Seriously how could life get any better?

I totally suggest that everyone go out and play The Beatles Rock Band, as it is by far and away the most fun I have ever had on a video game (and I have played my share of games)! Shiva, Catherine and I were awesome at vocals while Jeff and Ryan were our backup band. So much fun! Can we have this at our wedding?

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