29 December, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses

I thought this part would be easy...give the girls a color and tell them to get their own dress....a dress that looks good on their own body, is at a comfortable price point, and they can wear again....
Yeah that's proved to be about impossible. Do you know how much bridesmaids dresses cost? Um usually in the $200-$400 range...I know its shocking.

I have friends who have worn Jenny Yoo and Amsale Bridesmaids dresses to weddings...and have cost (after alterations) well over $400, maybe even into the 5 range. I think this is insane!

So what? I am supposed to ask my ladies to wear taffeta because its cheap? No, I will pick taffeta if I want to pick taffeta! But I really do love chiffon!! I will find a way...

Shiva and I were talking yesterday that long dresses might look really nice, especially considering it will probably not be a warm Fall day on our wedding day.

Here is what I have found (bridesmaids, if you are reading this, let
me know what you think :)

TwoBirds Bridesmaids, I think my friend Kayleigh might have chosen these in a short Salmon color for her beautiful beach wedding...but anyways you can wear them a million different ways, which would be ideal since I really wanted the ladies to be able to wear these again and all look unique (but cohesive, eh tricky!). Plus they run about $290 for the long
length...AND the aubergine is exactly the color I want!

Then there's Vera...sweet lovely Vera you do make the most romantic bridesmaids gowns...but why not shave off $100? For me? No? Ok well I still really like these 3.
I love all the vera, they are soooo classy!


luluproper said...

I love all 3 of the Veras, especially the 1st one!

Kaylie said...

Of course I think Two Birds is a great way to go! A darker color like the one you are looking at could definitely be worn again and the jersey nylon fabric is so slinky and comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I like these too:



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