04 November, 2009

The Wedded Whittaker

I can brag about the fact that I was the first one out of my amazing group of girlfriends to start a blog (um 3.5 in fact)...but it makes me feel like less of a computer nerd every time a friend creates their own. And seriously, who doesn't love talking about themselves/things they love?!?!!? Can I hear an amen!

One of my best friends Catherine has decided to start her own blog (as of yesterday I believe). And I think this will be a super special blog. Catherine is one of those girls that without a doubt can light up a whole room with her vibrant and genuine smile! So here it is, Frath's debut blog, The Wedded Whittaker. She promises she will share all about the first year of her marriage (to Freffrey), recipes they love, and their endless search for home renovations. I am sure there will be plenty of stories about their dog daughter, Ellie as well. So check it out!

Oh and one of our other best friends, Amy has had a blog for a while now, and its just so very Amy, amazingly upbeat and lighthearted. Its called Little Fish. Big Pond. Find out all about her journey to the altar (I will be up there with her! So excited!) and about her stylish life. I have never seen Amy not 'put together', some girls have it...some girls don't.

Now back to Interior Designing...

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