04 November, 2009

Blue Upholstered Headboards

Like every other American, I am in love with Mad Men style... and I especially love the upholstered headboard in Don and Betty's bedroom (pictured below)

I know that there are easy tutorials on how to make your own upholstered headboard, but let's be honest, who can tuft their own? Um like no one. I love the tufting (the indentions with the button like things that hold them down). Quick tufting lesson, the ones above are in a 'diamond' pattern and the ones that make squares are 'biscuit' tufted. Tufting just looks really elegant, but also blends with the art deco/mod of the early 60s. You know I love a good mix n match room!

{top to bottom: Jonathan Adler, Domino mag x2)

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