12 November, 2009

Blog Envy

My friend Amy (of Little Fish. Big Pond fame) recently asked me if I get 'bloggers block'. Of course I do! I can admit that I am a fun and interesting person 95% of the time (perhaps more?)...but I do occasionally suffer from bloggers block. Well, lately its been the case of "I have no time but to suffer through mass amounts of school work" block.
Anywho, when this happens, I turn to some of the most amazing blogs out there, even if they have nothing to do with my life currently (aka wedding blogs or nesting blogs.

Here are some favorites:

Snippet and Ink- Wedding blog with serious inspiration and delightful color boards, which can be used in home decor as well!
Cinema Style- great style, old movies, pretty pretty dresses

Dream Sequins - tons of beautifully crafted posts and amazing fashion
I can haz cheesburger - when I need a laugh, a really hardy nerdy one
Lolita - so pretty to look through the gorgeous pics!
Etsy - when I have a few extra dollars (dolla dolla bills yall) to throw around at artisans all around the globe
Loveology - it just sounds wonderful, doesn't it? it is.
Letters to Crushes - for the tween in all of us (dashboard confessional cd not included)


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