21 October, 2009


I am incredibly disappointed with the November cover of Vogue. To use the words of Perez Hilton "[Vogue] appeared to have used Mariah Carey's retoucher"...yeah its that bad. And Annie Leibovitz is said to have snapped this image on a Malibu beach. I believe that Annie Leibovitz took a picture. I believe that Malibu has a beach that might look like this. But I do not believe that these actresses 1. were all at the same photo shoot 2. in the same image 3. have had 'minimal retouching'. I also believe that Nicole Kidman would sometimes like to smile, but has had too much work, and her facial muscles do not allow such actions to take place, even on a beach. Ah, lets be honest, who even likes her anymore?

Vogue Cover November 2009

Don't get me wrong, I love Vogue. Maybe I love reading Vogue because I love exploring a type of lifestyle that I will never know ($800 haircuts, etc.)...but really I love the intelligent spin it gives on the fashion world. Yeah models can fall and say dumb things...give them a break, they are hungry. It's always been about the mystique of this amazing lifestyle, that although 99% of women do not live it, we can appreciate it, and relish in the artistic and mindful side of the fashion industry.

So I think I gave a pretty good argument why I love Vogue (and Anna Wintour!)...AND THEN I READ IN NY MAG THAT ASHLEE SIMPSON WENTZ IS TO BE FEATURED IN AN UPCOMING ISSUE. I will use my veto (like in Empire Records) VETO! SAY NO MORE!

Did we forget this? That jig. those pants. her incredible lack of stage presence and grace.

A crappy soap like the REMAKE of Melrose does not a star make.

Let's bring back class, and simple beauty...like these beautiful Vogue favs!

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