19 October, 2009

Buy a Mirror, and a Friend

I realize that you can't look like a rockstar everyday. Even with a stylist you can have a miss.
But you have to try. Halle, Julia, and LC apparently decided to opt out of that last glance in the mirror before leaving the house. Bad Idea.
Exhibit A: Halle Berry's cut-out dress. I think this ill fitted frock has countless things wrong with it. I will start with the cut-outs, ummm seriously she must have ZERO friends. If Halle Berry had friends one might say "girl, your lady lumps are popping outta that dress!".

Julia Stiles: Who cut your dress? Tell them to give you that fabric back! Oh and I know you have got the whole "pale" look down, but a little but of make-up would really help in front of the cameras!

LC: I am just so over seeing your face. P.S. Your hair looks flat and greasy.

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