18 October, 2009

Back for Good!

Hey gang, I am finally back and settled from my worldly (or rather, continental) travels!

Wanted to share a little story that happened to me last night.

So I was home on a Saturday night (I have been sick ever since I came back from Seattle!) and I was in bed around 8PM watching movies on my trusty laptop when I heard Jenny kitty chewing on something. Being the mom that I am, I reached over and grabbed her to take out whatever object she was eating. Well it turned out to be dental floss, she must have yanked it out of the trash can. So I pulled two really long pieces of floss. I decided to google "cat swallowed floss", and it just so happens to be really harmful when cats eat floss or string because it can cut their intestines up, and no she wont just go to the bathroom and pass it. I decide to not freak out (at that moment, read on), but instead to call the emergency vet to ask their opinion, and they wanted me to bring her in. Ummm I have been in bed all day and going to the vet at 8:30PM does not sound like fun, especially the bill, aaaand after they tell me that she could need XRays and surgery..goodness sounds expensive and what if she didnt even eat more floss than what I had found? Good thing I have the BEST vet in the world who gave me his home and cell number for emergencies. I felt bad calling him at home, but he told me that this could be a potentially deadly situation and I had three options: 1. I could stay at home and just watch her carefully (and either she would be better or get violently ill, and it might be too late to do anything by then), 2. I could take her into the emergency vet but it would cost a ton of money, and might not be worth it, OR 3. I could get her to drink hydrogen peroxide to throw it all up and examine the vom for string. Oh and option 3 wasn't a guarantee bc if she didn't let it all out after the peroxide, then I would have to take her to the vet AND I had about 20 minutes tops to do all of this or the vet was a must.

I bravely chose option 3. I don't have peroxide laying around so I jumped in my car and drove to the nearest Rite-Aid, picked up a can of tuna (she needed a full stomach), a syringe, and a bottle of peroxide. I drove like a mad woman, I could only imagine what would happen when a police officer pulled me over...I would just have to invite them over because I am sure what happened next would get me off the hook.

I gave Jenny the tuna, she ate it all (sucker) and then I did one of the hardest things I have ever done, and that was I had to literally poison my little cat. I began crying really hard because I was so scared. And then within 10 minutes she let it all go all over my bathroom. I have never been so excited to see anything vomit. And then I had to go through it, yeah and I found the following: the rest of the floss (yay!!), a sticker (drafting dot to be precise), and a piece of cardboard (WTF JENNY!?). My vet said he was very impressed, yeah I am too. I am basically a doctor. Good thing I have watched so much Grey's in my life.
Jenny seems to be healthy and happy now, but I will be much more careful with everything now that I know she will eat ANYTHING!

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