25 August, 2009

Secret Life of the American Teenager - This is Why You Should Be Watching

It is no secret that I love ABC Family programming. Yes it is mainly geared toward the Hannnah Montana crowd, but I happen to really enjoy all of the simulated teenage angst! One of my favorites is Secret Life of the American Teenager, a show about a 15 year-old getting pregnant while away at band camp by the high school hottie with no soul (named Ricky and no, seriously I could not make this up). I can say that the show has done a really good job at displaying the other side of teenage pregnancy, not just the Bristol Pallin/Jaimie Lynn Spears pregnancies, but more of how much she is ridiculed by the rest of the high school and community, that being preg when you are 15 takes on a life of its own. . Amy(the sinner pregnant girl), is just a 'normal' quiet redheaded band geek with an even geekier and virginal boyfriend, Ben, affectionately named the "Sausage Prince" (not the baby daddy, hince virginal). Luckily the poor girl finally had her baby boy (John) at the end of the last season...and boy that was emotional. So along with Amy and her two nimrod friends (that are not very good friends at all), she a her 13-year old sassy sis to hang onto as well as her jerk father and her gang of frenimies at school. Thank goodness the show's creators gave her Molly Ringwald as her mother, because seriously who knows more about teenage angst than the princess of the Brat Pack? Oh and Molly even played a knocked up teen herself in the classic "For Keeps", it is truly a must see if you have missed this gem.

Anywho, Amy has this kind of friend, Grace Bowman (cheerleader, blonde), and just as her name suggests Grace is the goody-goody of the school, her dad is the town family physician and her mother is none other than Melrose Place alum, Josie Bissett, and she is very Christian...and continually attempts to witness to her sinful classmates about the dangers of premarital sex and the likes. But you have to like her, she really means well...even if she is totally naive, oh and her hair is so pretty. Grace has this on again off again boyfriend, Jack (the jock...appropriate I know) who she has sworn up until this season that he will have to wait for the romp in the sack until after she finishes medical school and they get married (read, an estimation of about 13-ish years from now)...so Jack goes and gets his elsewhere, and Grace continually forgives him and takes him back. Oh and Grace has a mentally challenged adopted brother, Tom, provides more commentary than one supporting character should...
So this season Grace decides to give it up to Jack, yeah I know after all of that preaching! Well, as if she doesn't feel guilty enough about not keeping her promise to the big guy, Grace's parents find out and she gets into a fight with her father (her mother's second marriage, her first was with Amy, the pregnant girls dad...are you keeping up!)...and he goes on some mission doctor trip and the plane goes down and he dies (which is unfortunate because he was attractive)....so of course Grace blames herself for her father's death for her having sex too early. blah blah blah fast forward to last night's episode (aptly titled "Knocked Up, Who's There?), where Grace attempts to witness to her friends at the church, you know about teenage sex....so she writes a poem about it...just watch the clip, beginning at the 6:38 mark. You will not be disappointed...oh and the guy who stands up for her is not her boyfriend, but Amy's baby daddy Ricky..phew I am exhausted! Enjoy!

And if you are really bored today at work, you should check out the message boards at ABC Family.com (click here)...oh my kids these days with their computers and the trouble that they can get into! Oh and last thing, if you decide to post (ahem, greekbabe84) a thread that goes like "this one time at band camp", you will not be the first...the tweens are all over it, literally.

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