31 August, 2009

I hate to judge...

wait, that's a lie.

So Lilo decided to get a new tattoo...although I was sure they are no longer so popular...or classy...or who knows..

so this little ditty quotes Marilyn Monroe: "I restore myself when I am alone" with lots of colorful spots around it. New tat seen below on her bony wrist with a Cartier Love bracelet:

This tattoo is not to be overshadow by her lower back tat that says "la bella vita" or her other Marilyn Monroe quote: "Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle".

Dear Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan,

I hate to bring this up, as tattoos have a reputation for permanence but, Marilyn Monroe was not a poet. In fact, Marylin or rather, Norma Jeane did not even finish high school. So basically y'all just look sorta stupid, now if it were a quote from some Nobel Peace winning author, this I could understand.

Good luck with that laser removal thing.

Love, Silver Lining


Anonymous said...

im pretty sure you havent won a nobel piece prize. so doesnt that mean things you say arent important either?

Silver Lining said...

Of course, I never said that! But dear reader, I assure you that I will never hold a star that died of an overdose as a role model.

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