10 August, 2009

Hollywood Intuition

Hello friends! Happy Monday! This weekend I kept myself busy by teaching a prenatal class, making strawberry preserves and peach jam, hanging out with Frath (and Soph), and playing/taking care of the new creature in my house (my cat, Jenny).

On Friday, I stopped by the mall with all intentions of buying some clothing (tax-free weekend, duh)...and I was totally disappointed by everything that I saw! It's just too hot to start buying Fall clothes and accessories, but the Summer is sadly coming to a close and its too late to buy warm-weather clothes too! I guess I will have to keep up my Recessionista lifestyle (41 days and counting). I think the only thing I could justify purchasing right now would be a rocking pair of boots...

I ran to Target yesterday to get some cat essentials (food, storage food container, toys, etc) and I was really impressed by the new Hollywood Intuition accessory line. I have been looking for a nice bag that I can carry my books and art supplies in for school, but also not get totally upset when a tube of paint will inevitably explode! So I bought a Hollywood intuition faux leather black bag. It has two large zippered pockets and several places to put cell, keys, etc. It is actually really cute, sans the printed lipstick, girly items lining. PLUS it was only $29.99.

Community college, here I come!

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