11 August, 2009

Denim Leggings-Awesome Or So Not Awesome?

Let's face it, some fashion combos have been pure disasters. This includes dynamic duos such as: skorts, jorts, high heeled tennis shoes (think Clueless-era), pockets on shoes or ankle monitors as accessories, acid-wash anything, Hyper color clothing, and any piece of adult clothing with a Tweety or Mickey (and friends) screen print or embroidery (super nice).

OK not all combos are bad...such as convertible bras, built-in bra tanks (sometimes), Lycra and sweatwicking yoga pants, SPF in face lotion, mint lip balm, thongs, and of course, SPANX!!!

So here we are, to Madewell's Denim Leggings ($48). In this pic, they look just like cigarette J Brands, the ones I wore pretty much everyday from September 2008-April 2009 (and they will return when it gets cooler). But I just don't know about this...think of all of the bad things that could happen...first denim leggings, then we will think denim underwear is OK, and then who knows! What do you think about this new pants less trend?

Verdict is out until I try these bad boys on...just not in the acid wash colorway.

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