29 July, 2009

Mad Men Casting Call

If you have walked by your local Banana Republic lately, you have probably noticed the "Mad Men Casting Call" window displays. The uber popular and terribly stylish AMC show is looking for walk-ons (not to be confused with hop-ons) that ooze that "yeah I'll smoke and drink during a board meeting" suave persona. The website lets you submit your own photo (after getting a code from a BR store) and rank the current entries. Pretty good campaigning Banana, I mean who wouldn't want the swagger of the office manager, Joan Holloway?

My vote is for Molly and Seth. Go here to see all of the contestants and vote for your favorites!

The Mad Men website is full of cool behind-the-scenes fashion files and a fun interactive tool called "Mad Men Yourself"

I decided to try it out, as a closet Sims fan this sounded like fun. I am clearly very busy at work today. Now I know I am seen wearing animal fur and smoking a cig and chatting it up with a married Don Draper, but c'mon it's imagination kids.

So excited about the new season -August 16th!


Leigh said...

I love Mad Men and I love this, how fabulous would that be!! :)

rachel said...

I'm in the contest!

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