28 July, 2009

Kristen Stewart Sucks

Kristen Stewart Sucks.

Yeah I read all 4 Twilight books and I admit I enjoyed them as much as any other tween, but Kristen Stewart still sucks.

Exhibit A:

Her heinous posture and expression in this Hervé Léger by Max Azria road sign of a dress that not even Paris Hilton would try to pull off. And her hair? Really did you just get out of swimming practice? Back to the posture...Kristen dear, are you trying to hide your neck on purpose? You know, vampires aren't real.
Exhibit B:
Kristen, I shudder to think the ideas that went through your head when you put the shoes with the Spiderman-influenced Yigal Azrouël dress. Maybe it was like "if the Volturi return, at least I will be able to run"? In that case, I guess you are forgiven? This was the evening where you won 'best kiss' at the MTV movie awards...so honorable. You know share that award with Dumb and Dumber and Species...how appropriate

Exhibit C:

Do not give money to bums. Oh wait, it's Bella from Twilight. I bet smoking is just as bad for a half vampire baby too. Nice role model K. Stew.God knows why you need more convicning of her crappiness, here is the kicker.

Kristen as Joan Jett. Terrible casting choice...and she just looks fugs.


Anonymous said...

she is not an actris.. not really. she cant act. it is the last thing she should be doing. and i heard her mother is a director.. WTF?? how can u behave as if u ware force in to being an actris, and suck so munch at it if your own mother is in the bussines, i don get it. and to top it off she is SO fuckin cocky i feel like punchin her!

Anonymous said...

I just recently got into Twilight :) (I've been living in a cave). Anyway, I loved the books and the Twilight movie just ruined the books for me. Horrible, horrible casting. Kristen Stewart sucks, sucks, sucks. I saw a few interviews on shows like Regis and Kelly and she seemed to have a chip on her shoulder. What is that all about? Robert Pattinson is beautiful and there is hope for him but aside from him and the guy who plays the dad, everyone, absolutely everyone needs some acting classes before they do another movie. I'm being kind here, I could suggest that they all give up acting altogether. Come on people, these are NOT actors. They are pretty to look at but that is all!

Anonymous said...

Thank god you say thet kristen Stewart is awfull, I hate her in everything, she has such a wacko look! She´s a hooker, a very ugly hooker!

sanchez6co said...

whoever is saying stuff about kristen is just hatting man why dont you stop worring about other people's life and gett your own!

Anonymous said...

Her acting range consists of one emotion. Constipated. She sucks. I don't get the Twilight movie success. The books were great. But she ruined the movies. And the guy that is playing Edward is trying way too hard to be cool. It is too damn pathetic.

Anonymous said...

TEAM KSTEW! Oh yea sorry I guess you were just waiting on a gladiator sandals floral wearing celeb that will do anything for the limelight. And also Kristen never asked to be a role model. She's all about being yourself. But either way people will always love her and hate her. But she still has a million dollars and has fans to support her.

Anonymous said...

kristen steward is a disgusting whore. fucked up bitch.

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