04 June, 2009

Let's Play a Game

The game is called: Why are you a celebrity, Jessica Biel?
This might seem like a "Mean Girl" game at first, but really...why is she always on magazine covers, in tabloids, etc? Yes, she was once known as an actress (cough)...on the WB's Seventh Heaven, but that thing ended in 2006, and I am pretty sure most people stopped watching it in 2000. So what else has she been in, besides a swimsuit/Oscar de la Renta gown (below at the 2009 Oscars)? Well how about "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry", such a classic! Or who saw "Blade 3"? Ok so she has a banging body and is dating Justin...but I need more credentials, Ms. Biel!

I just do not understand. Kind of like why I don't understand how Carrot Top got so famous. 8th wonder of the world...or is it just an excellent PR agent?

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