03 June, 2009

I'm Back! And the story of the Gold Dust Woman

Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of blogging. Ryan and I took a Griswold-style Vegas vacation with his family from Saturday through Tuesday. We had such a blast, just do not ask me how much money I lost/gave to the Vegas economy. So on Saturday night we were lucky enough to see Fleetwood Mac, sadly without Christine McVie, but it was still amazing. Although, I have never been the biggest Fleetwood fan, I was totally blown away with the amount of energy and talent the band still has! I mean these 60 somethings rocked the house down for almost 3 hours while I fell asleep twice! As for there style, Stevie Nicks is going to keep her long blonde poofy locks till the day she dies, along with her witchy-pirate style. I can't imagine how many black fingerless gloves she owns...
Here is a clip of "You Make Loving Fun", the best Fleetwood Mac song ever

And again I am such a sucker, I really never liked Stevie Nicks until she began talking a bout living in San Francisco in the 1960's...now I am totally jealous of her (sans cheating on your hubby and her witchcraft lifestyle)...also, on another note, I would love a "gold dust woman" pre-shrunken tee.

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