03 May, 2009

Wedding Week Bonanza

No one tells you when you graduate college, everyone that you know will be getting engaged and married. It comes as a fresh surprise when your first friend gets a ring... you know, you pass the ring around the group of friends trying it on and thinking "how crazy" that your friend is getting married (and take pictures pretending that the ring is your own, laughable). After about two years, most of the excitement wears off as you soon realize that it's only a matter of time before all of your friends are engaged and crazily planning their perfect day. It is easy (so easy!) to get caught up in these events as ordinary occurrences, since there are so many.  I have been thinking (considering I know two couples that got engaged just last week) that we really should try and muster up joy for others. They are making a HUGE commitment, one that goes far beyond the china pattern that they pick out (and will probably NEVER use). PLUS you don't have to foot the bill for anything except that china. 

In celebration of our dear friends' celebrations, I will begin "Wedding Week Bonanza", a week filled with beautiful photography, creative touches, sweet moments, over the top gowns, unique cakes, and so much more. Get excited, pass the champagne, and be grateful that you are not currently enrolled in bridal boot camp!

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