12 May, 2009


Dear readers,

I must apologize to you. I went out and bought Sevin Nyne, the tan in a can, made by Lilo (after I had read many reviews about its awesomenes and had posted about it)...and it sucks, it is totally streaky, orangy and terrible. Please do not buy this! It is horrible! I just thank god that I was smart enough to not spray my own face... But man, did my arms sure get zebra-fied! I really should have known that I shouldn't trust Lindsay Lohan with my beauty.

So...in a last minute attempt to snag a golden glow last week/fix the mess that was my skin tone, I ran to Nordstrom and under the advice of my friend Whitney, I bought Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning (for my face) and Delicious Self Tanning Cream (for body)...and they are WONDERFUL! Absolutely the best tanning investment that I have ever made!

And I can truly say, not only did I look awesome, but the creams had a light beachy scent (not acidic or too coco buttery)!

And now....I am totally fabulous again!

1 comment:

Jade Bordeaux said...

I kind of like jorts right now, but am scared. LOL
Anything by LO-ho SUCKS. Could've told you. I used t looove the Clarins tanning milk. Very awesome!

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