15 May, 2009

Real Love

I watched "Across the Universe" last night for the 134th time (rough estimate and Ryan was out of town). Seriously I love this movie, I love it so much, that I find the awkward lines "where did she come from?" and the reply "she came in through the bathroom window" endearing. I saw this movie in theatres on the first day of release in NYC (and then about 7 more times in theatres)....to me, it was exactly what I wanted to see at that time in my life. I grew up listening to the Beatles with my dad, and even remember buying a Paul McCartney CD (I was a cool kid) when I was in 4th grade while everyone else was jamming to Ace of Base (OK, I bought The Sign later, and it is also a work of genius in it's own right). Also, it is important for me to mention the 4th grade since I want you to know I was a REAL fan (Macca fan clubs aside) before the release of The Beatles Anthology volume 1, which if time serves me right (and it does on this occasion because I can remember what I was wearing when I bought it), was during my 6th grade year.My point is, that I can get over the cheese and moments of bad acting from Evan Rachel Wood because my love for the Beatles runs so deep...Did I mention that I have this picture framed on my desk at work?
OK enough of the glimpse into my nerd-dom. But how can your heart not melt when Jude gets on the rooftop to sing of his love for the naive/acting challenged Lucy "All You Need is Love"?
Tears. Every effing time. And for all of my NYC friends, please see "John Lennon: The New York City Years" at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex for me! More Tears.

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