06 May, 2009

Guests just wanna have fun

It's true, us guests love watching your vows and feel so blessed to be apart of the celebration! We also love: delicious food, dancing, drinking, dancing with drinking, drinking contests, fighting over the bouquet (watch out Frath's wedding! I've heard some of the girls are bringing brass knuckles for that one!), taking (harassing...Shiva, cough) pictures with the sweet flower girls/ring bearers, more free food, cake (see previous post). And you know what else we love? Having fun and feeling like we are apart of the wedding. Here are some fun ideas for wedding guests:

1. My favorite idea, in fact one day, if the stars align, I want to use this at my wedding. A photo booth! How much fun and trouble can one couple collect from their guests? All of the evidence of their behavior on your wedding day can be caught with a photo booth at the reception! LOVE IT.So old school, so dangerous after a few cocktails! I prefer the black/white images, but these are fun, too. Here are a few examples of "smile booth"...see more images here

2. These pencils say "bride loves groom" and I think it is a cute idea to encourage guests to write notes and place them in envelopes for the couple to read on their first anniversary
3. asking guests to write wishes to the newlyweds and tie them to a little "fence" for the couple to keep (a great guestroom decoration!) via {snippet and ink}
4. placing a chalkboard out with some chalk and a camera (or cameraman nearby) so guests can write quirky messages to the happy couple!

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