21 May, 2009

the devil wears a bowl cut

Have I mentioned how great Ryan is lately? Last night I really wanted to watch the 60 Minutes interview with Anna Wintour, and the guy watched it with me. How cute is that? Click here to watch it. She apparently gets a $200,000 per year clothing allowance...that isn't even counting the PILES of free samples from EVERY designer EVERY season. Nice Life.

The reason I mention that Ryan watched the interview is because of his harsh reactions to the Queen of Vogue. And then I thought about it, yeah straight guys wouldn't like her. She has totally mastered the schoolyard trickery of the "odd girl out" game. And of course, guys wouldn't understand this. They never played the unpleasant game of :"(insert name of frenemy here) said that you can't sit with us anymore"...they don't understand this cruelty...but women do, and this is why we understand/even respect Anna Wintour's mentality of meanness.

In fact, she owns this technique. Although everyone is scared of her, she holds so much unwritten power that she gets exactly what she wants, cuts everyone down that does not agree with her, and STILL gets all the perks and is invited to all of the parties. She carries a mystique that is basically unheard of these days, personally I love her. One day, I had to pack up some samples from Tibi for Ms. Wintour. Can I tell you, I folded that jacket over and over and used up almost a whole roll of tissue paper because I was a little afraid that she would march over and demand to know the moronic intern that couldn't fold a coat (which was kind of ugly and I am sure she never touched it). Oh and another thing, she is a true size 0. bitch.

So yeah she's cruel, yeah she's got a bowl cut, yeah she has probably ripped many a young designers a new one...but after all, she is the holder of the light...the holder of American Vogue...and us Americans deserve nothing but the best, right?

All Hail Miranda Preisley.

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