26 May, 2009

Cinema Style Spotlight-Virgin Suicides

I came across this See by Chloe dress today (middle) and immediately thought, "I would totally wear that...to a Virgin Suicides-themed party". OK, I guess in retrospect that would be a little odd of a theme...but still, the style in the film is pretty recognizable and offbeat.
The pale floral sack dresses that the Lisbon sisters' seriously fanatical mother made for them for prom are reminiscent of some of these pretty floral (modern) frocks below.
But whatever you do, do not let Trip Fontaine take you to the prom (speaking of, what happened to Josh Hartnett? do we care?)

{pictures clockwise from top left: Sunday Brunch, See By Chloe dress, Lisbon sisters in their homemade prom dresses/bags, mod cloth dress, and First Days Dress}

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