11 May, 2009

Awesome or So Not Awesome? Jorts Edition

You haven't been caught in jorts (definition for Nick: this means jean shorts) since your Limited Too days, right? Most of us have almost sworn off shorts altogether by now..but yet they follow us...almost haunt especially from old family photos of that Disney World vacation circa 1997.

So just as we are burying the remains of the jorts, Current/Elliot has once again popularized the cut off. For the price of $185, you too can look like this:

Now, I am all for new trends and retro looks (and my love for Current/Elliot remains true), but seriously these shorts look totally trashtastic. My vote is for: So Not Awesome! Keep 'em in the trailer parks ladies. This look is too Cortney Love terrible!

I don't care how expensive they start making these monstrosities, that does not make them any more covetable! Here are a few pair that I find much more wearable/possibly cute.

Perfect 'pal around' shorts, 7 For All Mankind rolled shorts

Lovin the J.Lewis inspired vibe of these Generra overall shorts

Super sweet Juicy Couture sailor shorts

As for men, here are some fashionably acceptable reasons to wear the jort:

Wait, I apologize, I could not find any.

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