07 May, 2009

Another History Lesson-Bouquets

A brief history of the bridal bouquet/crazy female guests:

The legend of the bouquet toss dates back to 14th century France, when single guests would grab and tear pieces of the brides' gown for good luck. To escape these mad French women, the bride would begin throwing whatever she had, including the bouquet for the mob to fight over...

For some odd reason, we still torture ourselves with the modification of this ceremony through the bridal bouquet toss to all the single ladies...like everyone doesn't already know that you are single, you have to stand in the middle of the room and fight like animals to catch a bouquet that you can't even keep.

At least the tearing of the gown has stopped. Good god can you imagine your crazy cousin/friend/guest ripping your Vera to shreds? All I can say: Bloodshed.

Here are some bouquets that are almost too beautiful to throw!

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