15 April, 2009

Spring Scarves!

A close friend of mine recently asked me if there was such a thing as the "Spring Scarf". I will tell you what I told my little budding fashionista gal pal, OF COURSE! Just watch out for colors and textures. Of course, pastels and cheery prints on linen, light cotton and jersey are great for Spring. Which means those thick Burberry scarves and wool pashminas are out, think: if they keep you warm, you probably want to pack them away. Don't feel bad for them, they will show up again in the fall!

I love these Virginia Johnson scarves, they are super playful and can be worn to spruce up a dull work combo or a breezy white dress at the beach!
Love Quotes are beautiful. You can actually have these out all year long. I have a few of them and I just love the vibrant colors. The length and weight are perfect for many ways of wear. The only come in solid colors but they are so cute and comfy! And the names of the colors are so adorable, too: Yoga, Cosmopolitan, Beach, Morning Glory, Safari, and Love to name a few!
Tolani Scarves are a true celeb fav. The ethnic patterns really adds a punch to an "on the go" ensemble!
Missoni scarves, I am personally not a huge Missoni fan, as most of the designs look the same to me.But I can say that this Vertical Wave scarf is incredibly delicate and dreamy.

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