06 April, 2009

Jet Setter Stylin

I am gearing up for a trip to San Francisco with my wonderful bf. Although, I really hate the long trip out there, the food/wine is worth it. Oh yeah, and my best friend living out there helps, too! With one week till 'go time', I have already started to think/become anxious about packing, since my travel buddy is urging me to just take carry-ons. Naturally I am struggling with my wardrobe choices.
I'm no dress up/heel wearing kinda jet setter, I'm more of a jeans and flip-flop kind of traveler. Although, I travel casual, I would however, never wear a Juicy Couture terry ensemble(or God forbid, a knock-off) to the airport/anywhere...why are these still around? Anyways, just because I not a true Jet-Setter does not mean that I can't look awesome while complaining that the complimentary bag of peanuts is not 'snack sized', it is rather, 'bite sized' and I am still hungry.
Here is a super easy and way comfy look for gals like me, so cute. Plus, if you don't spill anything on yourself, just throw on a pair of heels, freshen up the blush/perfume and you can go out when you land! Swell!

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