23 April, 2009

Jenny Lewis Style

Jenny Lewis is my ultimate (duh)... and for so long I have wondered, where does she get those amazing clothes? Now I know (such a wonderful day filled with fab lessons for sarah). Jenny L. and her friend and on the road stylist, Jenny Reyes search endlessly through vintage and consignment stores and Reyes cleverly re-designs the frocks for Jenny Lewis to show off on stage!
Now Jenny Reyes has created her own line of playfully vintage-inspired swimsuits and hot shorts such as those seen on Jenny Lewis during the Under the Blacklight tour (also designed for her solo tours/style...thank god for those jean overalls!). Her line Geronimo is a small collection right now, but well priced and very unique...I love these swimsuits!
One step closer to being the biggest Jenny Lewis fan ever...check.

And one more Jenny pic, because life can be so good sometimes...this is her with Jonathan Rice (deadbeat bf) and John Krasinski...The mere fact that this pic exists proves that America should be optimistic about our economic future and rejoice:

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