02 April, 2009

Inspiration Salvation!

We have all been there, that overwhelming, life-ending feeling of "I have nothing to wear" (insert horror movie scream)...and of course it happens when you are in a rush, want to look really cool, and your hair is acting like a crimp n' curl Cabbage Patch doll.

Yes, this even happens to me, I know... it is very hard to believe. So where do I get the inspiration from day after day? Well, when my inner muse has gone to lunch, I look through old fashion magazines and pictures. Sometimes all you need is a little spark...I pick out things that are really captivating..and whether or not I end up mimicking the fashion, it can immediately uplift my spirit. And then I realize... after a few glasses of red, who really cares what I look like?

So with careful consideration, I have decided to share with you some of the my favorite finds. Enjoy these mood-provoking pics! oooh la la!
Pics found: Paris, Coffee, Shroom Princess, Moody Brunette, Lacey, Gun

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