09 April, 2009

I MISS Domino!!!

I do, I miss it dearly. In fact, when I received the last issue of the magazine with cover girl Zooey, it took me a few weeks to pick it up and read it. I was just so bummed. Almost every decorative idea that I have executed in my home is from the pages of the very best decorating magazine ever. AND to top it all off, they shut down the website a few days ago. Talk about heavy hearted!

So for now, here are some other publications that can fill a little bit of this very large void:
House Beautiful, has been more "domino-ish" lately

Veranda - although higher style with a bigger budget, maybe a grown up domino?

ElleDecor - blander style but still aesthetically pleasing

Mags are great, but its 2009, here is where its at, design blogs, and these go above and beyond greatness:

  • decor 8 -inspirational and fresh takes on feminine decor

  • thig and thistle - for unusual finds to spruce up your living space

  • apt therapy - design ideas/trends from big cities: San Fran, NYC, DC, LA

  • just beautiful things - really beautiful yet practical ideas for homes with children

  • beach bungalow - ultra hip and cutesy modern designs for the beach lover

  • Paris apt - the French, they have it all, great style, ideal environments, and the bitches don't get fat

  • off the wall - cute and clean designs, ultra girly

  • desire to inspire - absolutely fabulous
So those are just a few that are wonderful, but I am telling you, the blogosphere is riddled with home design, you can find whatever look you are going for! Happy searching!

If you are still longing for domino archives, search flickr sites, such as these: domino mag readers and the general search will lead to over 300 results. GoodBye Domino, and thank you for everything.

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