22 April, 2009

How to be a bronzed goddess like Gisele

As I was unpacking last night from a wonderful vacay, I began to plan for the next few weeks of Spring, which is always so crazy, especially when you are past the age of 20, and everyone and their brother is getting married (EVERYONE). In less than two weeks we are packing it on up again for a beach wedding... and this got me thinking (among other things, cough)...good god, I am so pale, I am begging for a sun burn...begging. Luckily, the beauty department at every effing mag has a self tanner miracle solution to cure our pale bodies and unsightly naturalness.
  • I have searched through the MILLIONS (or some) of self tanners and bronzers out there...after careful reviews research and with my light wallet in mind, here they are:
    Seven Nyne ($35)- although Lilo can't seem to spell "nine" correctly, the reviews for this spray are awesome, no orange/or streaks

  • Lorac TANtalizer (clever isn't it?, $30)- not a self tanner, but the best cream bronzer in the business. Shiva and I have been using it for years and you can use it all over, especially great for the blending decollete with a too dark face! and it smells nice, not acidic like some other bronzers

  • Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing daily moisturizer ($15.98 for 2 bottles)- a gradual glow with moisturizing ingredients

  • Fusion Beauty Protein tan ($58) - longer lasting, no odor

  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer ($42, worth every penny!) the glowy healthy dewy look you have been looking for! this face moisturizer is simply amazing. and has an spf of 15.

  • Victoria's Secret Bare Bronzer Self Tanning Spray ($18)- According to the newest Lucky Mag, this stuff is worth checking out the next time you dip in the mall for a cinnamon raisin pretzel

  • Banana Boat Summer Color Sunless Lotion ($12 ish)- smooth, natural looking glow, oacked with aloe and vitamin e

TANSPIRATION, to get your pasty ass to thy store immediately:

Happy Sunless Tanning, love Gisele

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