08 April, 2009

Hippies and Romance

Hippies/Romance. Basically synonyms.
I decided to continue on with the romance posts, as I felt as a blog artist (self-titled, of course) that the idea was not yet complete.

Naturally, I am obsessed with these amazing pictures of Dhani Harrison, George Harrison's son. They are from Fashion Rocks 2008 Magazine. The images of Dhani are uncanny to his late, great father, and his first wife, Patti Boyd (which is strange, because Patti is not Dhani's mother, but anyways). These pics exude 60's bohemia, it turns out so did their real lifestyle...drugs, open marriage, totally out of control. Totally hippie. The style alone in these images take you back to more serene images of a love from days gone by. Talk about inspiration!

Below is the real deal:

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