13 April, 2009

has Sienna lost her cool?

I used to adore Sienna Miller, her style, her hair in Alfie, and for owning/"designing" her own clothing line Twenty8Twelve. I even stood by her when all of those pictures surfaced of her affair with a married man (in the words of Jennifer: "so uncool"), I still stood by her side and bought a pair of her brands high waisted pleated black shorts last year (so cute). But last week at the premiere of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, she showed up looking like a boring mess, with not a single ounce of originality to her outfit. I am so disappointed.
I long for the days when she strutted her boho style and fab round diamond (from Jude Law, of course, pre-nanny incident)...here are a few of my favorite Sienna moments. Let's hope she finds her way back to morality and to fashion.

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