09 April, 2009

Easter Treats!

Nothing says "i love you" like a bunch of sugar-filled homemade goodies! This year on Easter, Ryan and I are spending the day with both of our families, his in the morning/afternoon, and my eccentric family in the evening. To help celebrate the holiday, I have decided to make some fun cupcakes! I needed at least two different ideas, as I am aiming to impress. I have been browsing for almost an hour on the millions of cupcake blogs. Seriously these people are obsessed. But I will give them credit, there is some kind of familiar joy that you get when you see/eat a cupcake. They are by far the happiest little desserts around. Here are some super grand cupcakes that I spotted!
Peanut butter and jelly

Sweet Pea Cupcakes

Abra Codabra CupcakeMovie Theater Popcorn Cupcakes


Sweet Easter Cupcakes


luluproper said...

OMG, I want the monkey cupcakes!!! Too cute!

Greekbabe84 said...

amy, these were made for you!

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