27 April, 2009

Coco Rocha=Fierce

Coco Rocha's cool factor is off the radar. I mean, the girl's name alone runs circles around mine (and my cool factor is pretty high)...When I worked for Tibi, she walked for the Fall '07 show, and although I wanted to get her autograph/picture/locks of her hair, i resisted, as I thought it was totally dorky to go up to her and tell her of my fandom, you know because of professionalism and all. Oh and if you want to know if the models are really that skinny and only have cigarettes and black coffee for breakfast (and lunch), the answer is yes...oh and so many are so young, it will shock you (aka, you were getting your braces adjusted at their age)
I think she is such an outstanding model (I like to consider myself an expert on models after watching America's Next Top Model's first few seasons religiously).
I am too jealous of a person to usually admit that I think someone is truly stunning, but there is something alluring about Coco that makes me want to be like her. Here are some reasons why I love her so:


Italian Vogue '09

Lanvin runway

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