23 April, 2009

Coachella Fashion Recap

Coachella is the ultimate hipster fashion haven. The frocks that are seen at the weekend long celeb filled rock fest inspire the tweens in your hood to keep the local Urban Outfitters in business for the rest of the year. Some of these looks are absolutely revolting (i don't care how hip you are, you need to check your muffin top at the door), but some are simply fabulously bohemian and inspiring. Here is the good and the bad at Coachella 2009.
So what is "in" this year? Tons of neon, spandex, thick straight bangs, over the chest boho bags, vintage black booties, Ray Bans, Topshop, ethnic inspired gladiator sandals, long hair (take that Kate Moss!), floral swinging minis, retro polka dots, colorful short shorts, and more American Apparel than all of L.A.
The Bad:

Bad # 1 (seriously? are you going to a revival, no just Devendra Banhart)

Bad # 2 (I couldn't decide on my judgmental comment, insert your own)bad#3, Pocahantas is very upset with you
Bad #4, your parents disowned you

The Good:

rando girl with style #1, if you can believe it, this is a banana republic romper...must buy now

rando girl #2, totally retro glam adorable

rando girl #3, a way cute minnie mouse attack

rando girl #4, I actually love this outfit, Leggings and shirt by M.I.A

Jenny Lewis, no explanation neccessary

Ida No of Glass Candy, epitome of neon glam rock, and just rocking it out

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