03 April, 2009

Awesome or So Not Awesome?

Remember Bag, Borrow, or Steal, the webstore that you would essentially rent a premier designer (cough, expensive, over-produced) handbag for a special occasion, month, or season (or you could buy it)? Well, now there is a website like that for clothes. The site declares that "you wouldn't want to be seen in that dress twice anyway"... Damn, good call. Maybe that is true. So, with all of the many celebrations and weddings that I am invited to this season and beyond, I decided to do a little bit of investigative journalism (if you could call online shopping investigative, go with it) and here is what I found at Wear Today Gone Tomorrow: The dress section was filled with contemporary designers and RTW styles...from last season, mostly with a few exceptions. Also, the sizes were limited. The price goes for about $40 for each dress (contemporary, think Rebecca Taylor, DVF) and then $10 for the cleaning. So, you are really paying a lot more than you would think, but shipping and returning is free. You have to sign up to "become a member" (no charge). But bottom line is, I did not even see one item that caught my eye at all. Maybe if they expand the site a bit with more in season styles and sizes, the website could be worth it, but right now, I would say NO-NO.

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