13 April, 2009

60's Style Icon-Birkin

Jane Birkin's style is eternal. Her effortless beauty is almost indescribable! Even the Hermès Birkin bag is shrouded in its own mythology. According to legend, Birkin was seated next to Hermès president Jean-Louis Dumas on a 1984 flight and she was struggling while organizing all of her luxe belongings. After complaining about "how hard it is to find a leather weekender", Dumas created the infamous Birkin. Nice life. Now the basic bag runs about $7,500, if you can even get your hands on one. Another handbag urban legend: Victoria Beckham is said to have 100 Birkins, and something tells me these aren't the basic tape deck models either.

This 60's UK chanteuse/actress is such a babe in these photos I can't stand it.

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