01 April, 2009

10 things I love and want right now!

First, I want to say, I hate April Fool's Day. Do not pull a prank on me, I will not hesitate to de-friend you on facebook/slash tires.
Now, onto the list:
1. Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF 30+ (only at Sephora). This brand is so amazing, everything smells like roses, literally. And since I do not want to have so much plastic surgery on my face when I get older, I should probably invest in this stuff. I recently got a facial and the woman informed me that I need to start wearing sunscreen and anti aging creams..ewww I'm old.
2. I really love this little giraffe tank by Pesquiera...there is something so versatile about a good ribbed tank...and this sweet design brings a little fun into a basic!

3. Lizzie Fortunato Jewels...um the whole freaking collection. These pieces are so organic but yet crisp and chic...they are even made from industrial and reclaimed materials! And with titles of the jewelry like "hold on me", "sun rises", & "live long summer necklace"...I am a sucker and I am hooked! I love how each of them looks so unique, like a flea market find. Dress up/down, etc..these necklaces are so bangin!4. Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Strapless Jumper...omg this is the cutest denim romper I have seen in a while..like since Osh Gosh B'Gosh days! Speaking of amazing denim rompers...Jenny Lewis is going on tour..maybe to a city near you...I plan on going to at least one show...and wearing this...and becoming her friend. A girl can dream.
Sometimes you want something, but you damn well know you will never wear it. The next 5 are examples of just that.
5. Lanvin Navy Dress. Old Hollywood glamour for sure, Joan Crawford would give em hell at a Pepsi board meeting in navy silk polka dot number. It screams "Don't {eff} with me fellas"
6. I can't explain my love for this Proenza Schouler Multicolored Silk Jumpsuit. I want it BAD! Maybe its because I know that I can drink as much beer as I want and not feel the need to suck in? Every girl needs a few pieces like that! Look Mom, function over form! At last! Only $2,300!
7. My barbies had these. I wanted them then because, well, Barbie had them. I want them now because...well, Barbie had them. Christian Louboutin Paquita Sandals, if only I lived in Miami.
8-10 coming later this afternoon! Stay Posted!

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