20 March, 2009

You are so Haute

It's so much easier to look pretty in the summer, you have a tan, your hair (mostly) does what you want it to do, and plus you are constantly in a good mood...oh and you can leave your bra at home.

My favorite thing about Summertime is all of the random parties! And parties=pretty dresses.
I love Haute Hippie. As you know, I am a sucker for titles like "hippie"...but this brand deserves the attention! All of the pieces are so wearable! They are simple enough to layer but beautifully crafted to also stand on their own sans jewelry. The line is undeniably feminine, yet absolutely comfortable and free flowing with a bit of an edge. I wore an ivory silk HH shift for NYE this year and I loved how it fit. It had just the right amount of old movie star glam with modern shapes. What could be easier than to throw on one of these amazing frocks, toss your hair in a messy bun and run out the door? So chic! So Haute! And you are welcome in advance for being the prettiest girl there.

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