07 March, 2009


Lately, I have been waking up thinking WWZW? That is, What Would Zooey Wear? She is so freaking cute, who wouldn't want to look like her? Well now you can, her even if you can't pull off her signature bangs (it's ok, I am unable to pull these off as well). Zooey teamed up with my FAVORITE sunglasses designer, Oliver Peoples to create the "Zooey" shades in 5 different colors! I fall in love so fast.
These are like a girly alternative to Ray Bans' Wayfaryers! So adorable! Thanks Zooey for keeping us envious of you, but loving you at the same time.

Oh and I forgot to mention, if you go to www.oliverpeoples.com, you can catch her in a short film showcasing the glasses, some iconic 60's UES style, and in KLS's words, Fabulousity.

Move over SJP, ZD is taking over!

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