19 March, 2009

Wedding Fever-Woes of a Bridesmaid No More!

Sick of getting crappy bridesmaid presents? Well, DON'T GIVE 'EM!
I once received a light blue faced Fossil watch from my (now) ex-sister-in-law. I thought, this woman has absolutely no idea who I am, and then I got angry for having to wear that heinous navy gown with beaded flowers on the bodice. Oh and did I mention that my hair was done by a woman who Proclaimed "I just love God for inventing bobby pins and hairspray"?...you can only imagine the end 'up-don't' result! Oh and lastly (as if that torture was not enough), my make-up was done at Clinique, in front of the whole mall on a Saturday. Now, I have nothing wrong with Clinique products, if applied correctly, and I am aware that I am not a bronzed beauty...but seriously, I could have turned on Casper.
So anyways, here are some fool-proof bridesmaid gifts that shouldn't leave your friends hating you after your nuptials. Treat the gals with something they will love!

Gift suggestions for the Classy bride:
1. Hanky Panky is my fav underwear line. I cannot say enough about them, they are always sexy and yet super comfy! The boyshorts are amazing, too. They are slightly pricey (compared to VS) but the money is well worth it! Two things I love coming together: weddings and hanky panky's:
2. Something handmade from Etsy, like this pillow...it is so adorable and if you buy a different one for each bridesmaid, then they will know that you really spent time to think about individual personalities. I personally love this handmade daffodil pillow ($38)
3. Or another great buy from etsy are these flower pins, can be used on jackets, bags, dresses, or in your hair!! So adorable and made from vintage fabrics! You could even find something similar for the gals to wear in their hair or on their dresses that they could use again!
4. Dogeared jewelry is all over the place. The dainty gold necklaces are my favorite. What better way to show your love for another and for your own day than to shower your bridesmaids with a beautiful gold necklace with a little heart pendant? These are a great base to layer necklaces with as well! Lover-ly!
5. Picture frame! A personalized beautiful frame from CB2 is a great way to go! And then order extra prints of you and your bridesmaids and give it to them as the thank you! They can have a beautiful picture to remember your beautiful day...just make sure that you don't stick them in a not-so-beautiful bridesmaid gown (or they will trash picture and use frame for their dog)
6. Make a donation! Weddings can become selfish "bridezilla" war zones. So. why not bring a little peace to the world and make a donation to a charity of your choice in the names of each of your wedding party? In all honesty, no one needs trinkets to remember your special day, they are there to support you and your love and public dedication for your future spouse...no tote bag or pillow can match those fuzzy feelings. It's tacky to say how much, so simply give nice personalized thank you letters with the information about the charity of choice. Plus, if you have good cake (and enough alcohol), that is really all that matters (seriously). What charity you ask? What about UNICEF, Susan G. Komen For The Cure, The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation are great starts but whatever you feel compelled to, or possibly a local charity. Just make sure that around 75% of your donation goes directly to the cause!
Hope that helps! Whew!

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