17 March, 2009

Strange Times

Have you ever heard that models are prone to eating disorders? This one sure has one, in fact, if you feed the native Japanese HRP-4C model, then it will have a total Tyra meltdown. For some reason Japan has decided to turn the art of the catwalk into some creepy nightmare provoking science experiment. They have created a female robot to walk Tokyo's catwalk later this month. The tiny robot woman weighs in at 95 lbs (just like any normal 16-year old Russian model) and walks at 5'2", an average height of Japanese women.

Here she is, turn away kids, let us hope this will not be a trend.

Such a creepster. I never liked those robot movies, and I especially do not like this HRP-4C. Like models need more competition. Isn't America's Next Top Model enough punishment!?!?

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