03 March, 2009

Speaking of Weddings...and Hippies

Ode to Bohemians taking the plunge:

I was thinking, since the Jcrew Wedding is the epitome of classic prepster, what would a totally boho bride look like...I just lied. What I really mean is, I have some of these pics on my computer and Stacey needs to see them (I just called myself out big time)
Elements for a Boho Spectacular Wedding:

Earth-toned flowers...everywhere, calla lillies, wildflowers, sunflowers, not too matchy matchy

Outside, barefoot perhaps, live music for sure (yeah, man)
Lots of substances, and bongos, and substances
a priestess or Yogananda making it official
Writing your own vows and possibly singing them (see Rachel Getting Married)
Bringin out the ole maypole

A rockin' colorful cake, icing made from sunflower seed butter (or homemade by your crazy aunt/neighbor/yoga instructor)
Donate to charity for party favors
Oh look, your perfume for the big day...Rich Hippie Stuff makes a 'Bohemian Wedding' fragrance (organic ingredients included)
Long wavy hair with crown of freshly picked flowers, headbands, vintage-y lacy flat veils and possibly rib
bons, or hats? Nothing is off limits

color color everywhere, maybe a Beatles song in the ceremony

Excessive hand holding and hugging, and of course throw em a peace sign brother

Anything else?

Also-look for post on "how to throw an indie wedding"

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