19 March, 2009

So Totally Effing Cute-Jenny Lewis Style

I have already told you about my newly found obsession, designer Heidi Merrick. Well now her clothes are available at Revolve Clothing! I want this black denim dress with oh-so-slimming leather corset piping so badly...I might just start selling some things on eBay...I think if some idiots would actually purchase toast with Obama's image on it (allegedly), then I could get money for some old J to tha L-O cd's right? Ah, a girl can dream...until of course, I bake my own miracle- working cookies. Santa Maria Do-si-dos of Sedgefield can heal...only $539!!

I could totally see Jenny Lewis shortening the hemline a bit, throwing on a few layered gold necklaces she found in a vintage shop in LA and rocking the Eff out of this frock! She can do the Frug...can you?

1 comment:

Heidi Merrick said...

I really like your blog -so we've a mutual affection. xoxo Heidi

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