09 March, 2009

So Effing Cute

I love Urban Outfitters. The music and the atmosphere is so casually/hipster cool and can give us white kids a general idea of what the underground kids on the Lower East Side and LA were wearing a few months ago. As much as I love this, I have also learned that finding a "good buy" from UO can prove tricky as apparel can be ill-fitting or cheaply-made...meaning, you have to try EVERYTHING on...which I really hate 98.5% of the time!

Oh and I do love reading the Urban blog... it makes me feel like I am down with the hipster crowd. My excitement about being a hipster is shattered when I mention a 'cool new band' to my bf and he shoots back at me 'did you get that from the Urban Outfitters blog?'...he knows me too well. Yes, its true I am a poser. Damn.

Aaaaaaaaanyways I can almost always feel confident pulling off the accessories. I really love this peacock feather headband. Milla Jovovick has been spotted wearing headbands with crazy designs...if she does it, I'll do it.
And a headband is a blessing for unruly flyaways/when you want to show off your pretty little face.
You might be asking: But Sarah, what would I wear a Peacock feather headband with?
Answer: A white strapless jersey dress or a solid color racerback tunic tank with jeans (or shorts if you are so bold) and gladiator heels, or to spice up a dull jean/blazer ensemble. Think about it. It can be done. Oh, and you are welcome.

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